Why I Started to Love My Workout Sessions

Written by: Amanda Smith

When I set out on this journey to a healthy lifestyle, I knew that aside from exhibiting strong will and being able to say “NO!” to my mother’s delicious, yet heavily greasy fried chicken, I would at least have to engage in some sort of physical activities.  But I hated working out. After several one-on-one training sessions with a handsome personal trainer who showed a strong passion for fitness that showed through his arms, strong physique, and nice firm butt, I was motivated to get my life together. I made the decision to get on a consistent workout routine.  It also didn’t help that the girls at the gym had some really nice legs and abs that seemed damn near impossible to obtain.

So, you’re probably wondering why I decided to get a personal trainer in the first place.  First, my thighs started to touch when I stood with my feet close together; they started to chafe when I walked, and I found myself having to use baby powder to minimize the sweat.  Second, I found myself playing with my underarm flab, and although the amusement lasted for about thirty seconds, I knew that something had to be done; I knew that there was a muscle somewhere inside of there that was raging to come out.  Lastly, I was walking around with a consistent bloat, and not just during that time of the month. Well, actually I still have a consistent bloat, but that is neither here nor there.  However, I like to think that I am well on my way to obtaining rock, hard abs, even if it does take me until the end of time.

This year, I finally had enough.  I was ready to begin this journey to a more healthy and fit lifestyle.  I was doing well if I must say so myself.  I was on a consistent workout routine that was beneficial to both me and my trainer, and once I saw how passionate he was about fitness, I just knew that I would become stronger and healthier within months.  I knew that he would push me out of my comfort zone and show me things to do with my body that I didn’t know it was capable of doing.

Needless, to say my trainer did just that; he pushed me when I felt like giving up; he pushed me when I felt like I was going to pass out and throw up with only two minutes into our workout sessions.  When I said “I can’t,” he said “you can!”  When I said “this is hard,” he said, “it’s not supposed to be easy!”  I learned to love my workout sessions because I knew that my trainer would never allow me to give up even if I did have to stop for water after each pushup, sit down in between squats, or lie and say I did one hundred crunches, when I only did fifty.  The truth is, none of that mattered because he was my biggest supporter during the times we were training.

I have been with my personal trainer for about five months now, and although I am not where I want to be, I certainly am not where I used to be.  By no means am I striving to be a size two, I am simply trying to lead a healthier lifestyle and in doing so, I am taking it day by day, mile by mile, squat by squat, and sit-up by sit-up.  The key to accomplishing anything in life is to not give up regardless of how challenging things may seem at that moment.  You have to be the one who ultimately decides to make a change in your own life, and once you have decided that living a healthier lifestyle is what you want/need to do, then the journey begins.

While I love working with a personal trainer, you do not have to hire one. Create your own daily workout routine that you can do at home, outside, at a local gym, etc.  For instance, Greatist website’s Bodyweight Workouts provides a variety of exercises that you can refer to on a consistent basis and incorporate into your daily workout routine.  The site provides a range of exercises for almost every part of your body that you wish to improve and demonstrates how to perform these exercises accurately and effectively through videos.

Workout can be fun.  An article in Nerdfitness, entitled, How to Build your Own Workout Routine, explains that if developing a workout routine scares you, don’t let it. For one, it’s really not too difficult. And once you get to know the basics, it can be kind of fun– something that I can now attest to. The article also suggests some exercises you should do; how many repetitions you should do for each exercise; how much you should lift, etc.  These will aid you in your journey to a more healthy and fit lifestyle. But if ever you find yourself lacking motivation, consider hiring a personal trainer, whose butt alone will probably motivate you!

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Photo of Amanda Smith
Photo of Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice/Criminology from Barton College and has crafted a professional career in the legal field as a paralegal. She is also a writer/editor for Uxposed fashion magazine in Raleigh, NC. She enjoys movies, shopping, and spending time with friends.

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